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Plitvice Lakes

Plitvice Lakes are natural wonder of the world and undoubtedly the most famous national park in Croatia. The pictures of glistening waterfalls tumbling down to the emerald and clear lake are world known.

In this inspiring and for many of us favorite season of the year, take a walk along the forest paths, listen to the rustle of colorful leaves under your feet and enjoy the view

of the impressive waterfalls of Plitvice Lakes. Relax in this splendor of colors and capture the warmth of autumn in photos that will remind you for a long time of the joys of being in nature.



Učka is the highest mountain of the Istrian peninsula in western Croatia. This feature makes it perfect for the truly avanturistic travelers.

Its highest peak Vojak is 1,396 m high. On top you get a truly beautiful view, which you can photograph and share with your friends, while talking about your trip to Croatia.

Its top is a bare stone head, on which is a lookout tower - a lookout. It is more than a 100 years old since it was built in 1911.

It is made of stone and it is five meters high, with the most beautiful view in Istria, reday to astonish your friends with amazing pictures.

In nice weather you can see Istria, the Gulf of Rijeka, the northern Adriatic with islands, Gorski kotar, Velebit, Ćićarija, the Gulf of Trieste, the Julian Alps and the Dolomites in Italy.



Is a must go to mountain and national park in Gorski kotar.The Risnjak mountain massif consists of several mountain peaks and is one of the most beautiful Croatian mountains.

You can explore the various peaks, or enjoy the richness of flora and fauna at every step. It is a true place of natural beauty unlike anywhere else in the world.

The mountain is named after the lynx, which inhabits its forests, and can sometimes be seen by passengers trought the woods. 

If you decide to conquer the peaks of mountain Risnjak the most significant peaks are:

Veliki Risnjak, 1528 m high, Snježnik, 1506 m high, Northern Mali Risnjak of 1434 m and Southern Mali Risnjak, 1448 m high.



Snježnik is a mountain in the hinterland of Rijeka, in the western part of Gorski kotar, which makes it the perfect getaway adventure while you are in the European center of culture.

From the top there is a beautiful view of the Kvarner islands, the Bay of Rijeka, Obruč, Istria and its highest peak Učka, Slovenian Snežnik,

and behind it with good visibility you can see the Kamnik-Savinja Alps. You can enjoy this beautiful view by spending your afternoon hiking and having fun in nature.

The Snježnik mountain massif is located northwest of the slightly higher Risnjak.

To the southeast you can see the top of Veliki Risnjak, Velika Kapela and in the background Velebit. So it will be tempting to explore Risnjak if you didn’t already.

It is named after the large amounts of snow that, despite the proximity of the sea, persists until late spring, which makes it a better option for hiking during summer or early autumn.

Thanks to its secluded position and height, the view from the lookout at 1506 meters above sea level is one of the most beautiful in Croatia.



Osorščica stretches along the northern part of the island of Lošinj, in the length of about 15 km.

If you are in the Kvarner area, and want to explore the island of Lošinj while also hiking and cycling, you have to visit this mountain.

It is steeper towards the west, while it descends slightly towards the east, which makes the east side easier to climb and to enjoy the natural beauty of the mountain and surrounding area.

It was the first mountain in the Adriatic archipelago to attract the attention of tourists because og its unique location.

The highest peak of Osorščica is a lot lower then the other mountains (588 m), but it is a worthy hike if you want a more easy going activity.

The top can be started from the direction of Nerezine and Osor, and the most enduring ones can start from the direction of Ćunski across the entire transversal.

From the top there is a view of the entire Cres-Lošinj archipelago, the coast of Istria, other Kvarner islands, Velebit, sometimes even to Gorski kotar, Triglav and the Zadar islands.

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